Couture Rani was founded to help customers discover and shop the best contemporary fashion from the subcontinent.

The region has some of the best craftsmanship skills in the world yet most of it is seen through the lens of traditional bridal wear not contemporary fashion. Not only do we want to expand what South Asian fashion looks like but also create a centralized platform to showcase the region’s best design talent.

Additionally, luxury brands in Europe and America have been sourcing their textiles, beading and embroidery from India for years yet the work of India’s artisans is never acknowledged. The systemic erasure of India’s role in American and European fashion is why we’re committed to shining a spotlight on the incredible talent from the region. Craftsmanship, sustainability and supporting artisan communities is at the heart of Couture Rani’s mission.




Gina Mathew began nurturing the idea for Couture Rani while working at a couture house in New York City over a decade ago. She saw that nearly every designer sent their beading and embroidery work to India and it made her wonder why Indian designers weren’t using the skills of their artisans to produce contemporary pieces for the global market.

That inspired her to launch the first iteration of Couture Rani which was focused on made-to-order bridal fashion. However, the current incarnation, focused on contemporary fashion is the true realization of the dream she had many years ago.