In Conversation With Monisha Jaising: The “World Bride” Collection

Monisha Jaising’s World Bride

Monisha Jaising’s World Bride

It seemed that every designer was inspired by the “modern Indian bride” this season at India Couture Week but who exactly is she? For some, “modern” meant giving brides more contemporary options such as sari gowns and hybrid versions of the traditional lehenga while for others it was about working with lighter fabrics. But designer, Monisha Jaising, a relative newcomer to the world of bridal fashion, was very clear about exactly whom she was designing for. We reached out to Jaising to find out more about the woman that inspired her “World Bride” collection at India Couture Week.

How would you describe the World Bride Collection?

The “world bride” can be defined as a bride and her entourage who are free-spirited, edgy, modern and who could be anywhere in the world enjoying the festivities. They are not bound by the usual norms of wedding attire yet feel royal in couture, which has a new perspective all together that includes edge and luxury at the same time. The collection revolves around structured sherwanis, draped saris, concept lehengas, crop kurtis, and evening gowns sculpted according to the Indian body type. Every design has a surprise in itself and are made from unique fabrics.

You’re best known for your resort wear – why did you want to design a bridal collection?

Resort wear has always been my forte. The relaxed ease of island living coupled with high creativity has always been my design philosophy. I have applied the same philosophy for my bridal creations because I believe that there is a new era in bridal fashion at the moment. It’s all about individual and personal style, mixing old with the new, masculine with feminine, sport with glamour, etc. Basically there are no rules. Designing is a lot more fun when there are no rules and you see a lot of women now breaking the norms of dressing up on their wedding day. Hence, I decided to venture into bridal couture.

What are some unique elements in this collection that set it apart from what’s already in the marketplace?

The major USP of the collection is definitely the mood we have tried to capture from two completely different cultures and lifestyles and merged them into one. This is reflected through intricate 3-D embroidery, digital printing and other special techniques, with the help of the genius of Indian craftsmanship and using the finest textiles. The collection is not only created for the bride-to-be but also her entourage.

Is there a particular type of woman who inspires your designs?

I design for the young, ambitious, free-spirited and modern woman.

The video for the collection was shot in London. Was there a particular reason it was used as the backdrop to shoot the collection?

I wanted to create a casual yet vintage set for the shoot. If you notice, the overall look is quite modern and yet has an old time charm to it. Notting Hill, London was the perfect location for this kind of projection.







Models in Monisha Jaising ICW 2014 (2)

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