In Conversation with Namrata Soni: Getting Ready for Cannes 2014

Namrata Soni: Getting Ready for Cannes 2014

Namrata Soni: Getting Ready for Cannes 2014

If you’re familiar with the Cannes Film Festival then you know that the red carpet often generates more buzz than the films featured at the Festival. The pressure and scrutiny by a sea of photographers and a worldwide audience means that a ten minute walk on the red carpet requires weeks if not months of preparation by an unseen retinue of stylists, makeup artists and publicists who work tirelessly to ready their star for her close-up. For actress Sonam Kapoor, who is in Cannes as the Indian brand ambassador for L’Oréal, her core team consists of her stylist, sister Rhea Kapoor, and Namrata Soni, Sonam’s longtime makeup artist. Soni spoke to us just prior to leaving for Cannes about the pressure of preparing for the red carpet, her must have beauty products, and her new makeup collaboration with L’Oréal.

How are you preparing for Cannes – what goes into getting ready for one of the biggest red carpet events in the world?

Preparing for Cannes is actually an incredible amount of pressure! I started meeting with the L’Oréal team, Sonam and her sister Rhea almost three months ago to start discussing the looks, specifically building the beauty looks around the new L’Oréal L’Or Lumière collection which was developed exclusively for Cannes. A big part of it is figuring out ways to do something different and unique and that we haven’t already done before.

What are the must have products in your makeup kit?

I absolutely love the L’Oréal Color Riche Lipsticks, the Voluminous Mascara and the Glam Shine lip glosses. Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer is something I always have on hand and I also really love the Armani Blushing Fabric.


How does your creative collaboration with Sonam work when coming up with the beauty looks?

I’m very lucky that Sonam is absolutely open to trying anything! We’ve worked together long enough that she really trusts me and the team with the looks that we come up for her. She’s also someone who doesn’t like to stick to one particular look, so we can play around a lot and do demure one day and dramatic the next. She also has beautiful skin and hair, which gives me the perfect palette to work with!

Sonam made some bold choices with her makeup at Cannes last year. Can you give us any hints about what we can expect to see this year?

I really can’t give too much away but we’re definitely going to do a bold lip and a dramatic eye. There are quite a few events she’s attending at Cannes apart from the red carpet so we have a few different looks planned.

How is Cannes different from the other red carpet events you’ve attended?

It’s just really scary and a lot of pressure to tell you the truth! You are there with the best makeup artists in the world so the bar is obviously set very high. It’s really intense and a lot of pressure to showcase your work to the world on a red carpet like Cannes, so everything has to be absolutely flawless and on par with the best of the best.

Tell us about your partnership with L’Oreal and the development of the new L’Or Lumière collection for Cannes?

The L’Or Lumière collection was inspired by the women of India and the beauty of Indian skin tones. I think women in India try too hard to look white instead of embracing their own skin color. This collection is all about rich, pigmented color infused with shades of gold, which looks amazing on Indian skin. I love working with L’Oréal because they don’t just look at global trends and then bring those products to India but instead try to figure out what’s going to work in the Indian market. I’ve had the privilege of working with them on the L’Or Lumière collection to make sure the colors and products are representative of the modern Indian woman.

Loreal-namrata soni

Stay tuned for more coverage from Cannes!

Images courtesy of: L’Oréal Paris

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