Gaurav Gupta Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

As glamorous and escapist as fashion can be, it’s hard to ignore the realities of the world in which we live. For designer Gaurav Gupta that stark reality centered around climate change and its impact on our world, from the food we eat, the resources available to us and yes, even the clothes we wear. Titled “Melt” Gupta’s collection might seem dire in its message but instead was a reflection of hope in its focus on sustainability and conscious consumption.

The silhouettes in the collection were quintessential Gupta – sculptural details, sheer panels, mermaid gowns – but were designed to be “zero waste” so that the entire width of the fabric was used to create the garment to reduce waste of excess material. The designer also described the colors of the collection in elemental terms– fiery red, midnight blue, ash grey, snowy white and the shimmery details on the garments as “molten.”

Although, Gupta is known for his textural details and dramatic, sculpted silhouettes, the pieces that most resonated with me were the ones where those elements were more subtle, thereby making a much bigger impact. Take a look at a few pieces from the collection below:














Images courtesy of: FDCI

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