Style Crush: Designer Shilpa Reddy



Personal style is often described as an inimitable, undefinable quality bestowed on a select few but it’s really about letting your personality come through in the way that you dress, no matter what you’re wearing. For those with great style, it’s never about being on trend or having the perfect wardrobe but about the attention to detail and personal touches that take a look from basic to extraordinary.

Case in point is the look we spotted below on designer Shilpa Reddy. A simple, traditional black and gold sari is taken to another level when worn with a beautifully embroidered waistcoat. The choice of accessories, from the delicate hathpool on her right hand to the men’s style watch on her left show that she’s comfortable making her own style rules.


The waistcoat/ jacket worn with saris is a trend we’ve been seeing a lot over the past year and love the different ways Shilpa has worn hers. The accessories are kept to a minimum to really let the outfit take center stage.



It’s easy to stick with the tried and true way of wearing a sari and we love that Shilpa’s not afraid to experiment and have fun with her sari looks whether it’s belting it, draping the pallu in different ways or playing with color.




And when going the traditional route, she sets the tone with statement accessories, with bold South Indian nakshi jewelry being a favorite.




What do you think of Shilpa’s style? Let us know if there are any looks here that you’d like to try in the comments below!

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