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Craftsmanship, sustainability and supporting artisan communities is at the heart of our mission.

The key to a more sustainable fashion future is to only make a product when it’s needed. Therefore, all of our pieces are made-to-order and are only produced when an order is placed. We want to focus on fewer, better products that are consciously crafted and size inclusive. Our hope is to encourage our customers to build a mindful, curated wardrobe with pieces that will last a lifetime. Rather than focusing on mass production and instant gratification, we believe in a slow fashion approach with a focus on craftsmanship, quality and sustainability. 

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New In: KÚR Collection

Kúr is a contemporary clothing label founded by New York based designer Kasuni Rathnasuriya. The brand is known for its signature handmade bobbin lace, a centuries-old practice of lace weaving from Sri Lanka that has been on the verge of extinction. By working with a collective of female artisans, Rathnasuriya is able to incorporate this traditional art into a contemporary collection that not only empowers weavers but also preserves this old world tradition. 


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Atsu Sekhose: Couture Collection

The ultimate form of slow fashion, Atsu Sekhose's couture collection features streamlined silhouettes with statement embellishments like beading, sculpted details, and feather trims.