Brand We Love: DYLANLEX Jewelry

I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry but love pieces that are unique and make a statement. One brand that captured my heart with its ornate yet super chic aesthetic is DYLANLEX. The designer and founder of the line, Drew Ginsburg, started out by making jewelry for herself fashioned from vintage accessories and jewelry. Her hobby soon became a full fledged business when others started coveting her stunning pieces.





If some of the designs look distinctly Indian, it’s because many of the pieces are inspired by jewelry Ginsburg found in India. Although, the entire line is custom made in New York, the raw materials are sourced from flea markets, bazaars and vintage stores from around the world. The beauty of the design lies in the contrast – mixing pieces from India, Nepal and Turkey with vintage brooches, art deco jewels and Swarovski crystals that gives the line its signature tribal luxe feel.

The most brilliant way to wear these pieces is styled with a simple tee or something equally basic because really, why would you even want anything else to compete?

Images courtesy of: Dylanlex

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