What's Old is New Again

Browsing the internet in the name of “work” doesn’t usually yield fruitful results, except on those rare occasions when you strike gold, such as when I came across this post and just had to share the goods.

The images are striking but it was the resonance of those images that took me back instantly to photographs of my mother from the ’70s in her breezy, printed chiffon saris.  And it seems this nostalgic feel is precisely what designer, Roopa Pemmaraju, had in mind when she conceived the Vintage Sari collection for her Calantha Wardrobe line. Drawing inspiration from movies from the 1960s and 1970s, Pemmaraju felt the moment was right to revive the design aesthetic of the time, with its emphasis on print and fabric, while still keeping the look fresh and modern. By juxtaposing unique colors, textures, and designs, the collection is a welcome change from the profusion of rhinestone covered, Swarovski crystaled saris found today.

Images courtesy of: Calantha Wardrobe