MAC + Mickey Contractor for Spring 2011

M·A·C + Mickey Contractor for Spring 2011

M·A·C + Mickey Contractor for Spring 2011

Who is Mickey Contractor you ask? Only THE makeup artist in India and the go-to guy for Bollywood beauties like Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu and Sushmita Sen. Mickey is the Director of Artistry for MAC Cosmetics in India and is credited with literally changing the face of  Indian makeup, a fact he willingly acknowledges. “In terms of makeup, by the Nineties I had managed to influence Bollywood a lot. My whole idea was to try and minimize the old Bollywood way of makeup as much as possible – we used to be into pan-stick and pancake makeup, which looked really thick. I wanted it to look more modern, more real, more today, closer to what Hollywood does…because it makes it more believable. That was my contribution to this culture.”

Although known for their exciting collaborations with designers and celebrities in the past, Mickey is the first makeup artist that MAC has partnered with. MAC’s VP of Global Product Development explained their choice by saying, “He’s touched so many women and men and makeup artists, not just throughout the Middle East but globally, too. He’s inspired and mentored so many of our MAC Artists that we felt like we needed to pay credit to one of Bollywood’s greats who is such a true and generous friend to our brand.” The MAC + Mickey Contractor collection is a limited in-store launch and will only be available in select stores until February 2nd.

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